Tokyo University of Science

Organization Chart

Internationalization Policy Committee

The following topics mentioned shall be discussed.

  1. Items in regard to the direction of internationalization of our school
  2. Items in regard to the examination and evaluation of the policies toward internationalization that will be implemented by the Center
  3. Any other items deemed necessary by the committee

Center for Promotion of Internationalization

Conduct the planning and implementation of proposals to internationalize Tokyo University of Science as well as contribute to the internationalization of our education and research.

Planning and Operations

The following duties must be performed.

  1. Operations in regard to the center.
  2. Definitive planning and proposals for the internationalization policies.
  3. Settlement of accounts for the budget of the center.
  4. Any other topics in regards to international exchange

* Administration of the Center for Promotion of Internationalization and the Internationalization Policy Committee will be managed by the International Affairs Section, International Division.​