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KANNO  Kenji Professor

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Under-Graduate School 1986, The University of Tokyo Faculty of Liberal Arts Liberal Arts (French studies) Graduated
Graduate School 1994, University of Paris X - Nanterre Graduate School, Division of Letters French modern literature Doctoral course Completed program with degree
Postgraduate Qualification University of Paris X - Nanterre PhD (French literature) Course
Research History 1990-1994 Studies on Charles Peguy and the Dreyfus affair
1994-2003 Studies on the images of Jews in French literature
2003-2004 Studeis on the French Indochina (esp. Vietnam)
2007 Studies on the Jews in Quebec, Canada
2004-2008 Studies on the general history of anti-semitism
2008-2010 Studies on the jewish religious opposition to zionism
2010-2015 Studies on the cultural history of French Jews (from Middle Ages to the Present)
2011-2015 Studies on the idea of "Desaster" in various cultural spheres from antiquity to modern time
2013- Studies on the history of French Catholic Missions in the North-West of Yunnan, China, and the Eastern Tibet.
2015- Studies on the France's historical presence in the East Asia
2016- Studies on the Indochinese migrants in Australia
2016- Studies on Jewish refugees in Shanghai under the Japanese military rule
Employment History 1994-1996 Assistant, University of Tokyo, Institut of Human Sciences ( Section of French language and literature )
1996-1998 Associate professor, University of Hitotsubashi, Faculty of Law
1998-2008 Associate professor, Tokyo Metropolitan University, Faculty of Human Sciences
2008- Professor, Tokyo University of Science, Faculty of Science & Technology

2002-2006 Visiting Researcher, National Museum of Ethnology
2002-2010 Visiting Researcher, Institue of Cultural Study, Chuo University
2003-2004 Visiting Scholar, University of Social and Human Sciences of Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam (recipient of the Scholar Fellowship funded by the Ministry of National Eduction of Japan)
2006-2010 Visiting Researcher, CISMOR (Center for Interdisciplinary study of Monotheistic Religions), Doshisha University
2007 Visiting Professor, McGill University, Montreal, Canada
2016 Visiting Professor, University of Melbourne, Australia
Sex Male
Date of Birth
Research Keyword French and francophone studies
Research Area European language literature (French and francophone studies)
Research Institute Theme (1) Study on the Jewish culture in France and francophone world (2) Study on the idea of "Desaster" in various cultural spheres from antiquity to modern time
Academic Awards Received
Academic Society Affiliations
2008/6 - 2009/3/31
Kyoto Society of Jewish thought
2005/10 - 2006/3
The Japanese Society of French Language & Literature
member of committee member
1998/5 - 2000/5
The Japanese Society of French Language & Literature
Summer workshop committee member