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TAMURA  Masafumi Professor

Tokyo University of Science, Faculty of Science and Technology, Department of Physics


Address 2641 Yamazaki, Noda-shi, Chiba-ken 278-8510, Japan
TEL : +81-4-7124-1501
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Under-Graduate School 1986, The University of Tokyo Faculty of Science Department of Chemistry Graduated
Graduate School 1990, The University of Tokyo Graduate School, Division of Science Chemistry Doctoral course Dropped out
Postgraduate Qualification The University of Tokyo Doctor of Science Research papers
Research History 1986-1995 Analyses of Band Structure of Molecular Conductors by IR Spectroscopy
1990- Organic Ferromagnets, Molecular Magnets
1995-2001 Rare Earth-Containing Organic Conductors
2002- Magnetism of Frustrated Spin Systems in Organic Crystals
Employment History 1990-1995 Research Associate, Inst. Solid State Phys., Univ. of Tokyo
1995-2000 Lecturer, Dept. Phys., Fac. Sci., Toho University
2000-2001 Senior Researcher, RIKEN
2001-2008 Senior Scientist, RIKEN
2008- Professor, Dept. Phys., Fac. Sci. and Tech., Tokyo Univ. of Science
Sex Male
Date of Birth 1964/1
Research Keyword Molecular Magnets, Molecular Conductors, Material Design and Characterization
Research Area Physical properties II (Molecular Magnets, Molecular Conductors)
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JPS Award for Academic Papers on Physics
JPSJ: Papers of Editors' Choice
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