Tokyo University of Science


Since the establishment of the Tokyo Butsurigaku Koshujo (Tokyo Academy of Physics 135 years ago, the Department of Physics has constantly taken the lead in education and research at the Tokyo University of Science, the philosophy of which is the "advancement of science," while firmly maintaining meritocracy. Physics is an academic field that pursues the essence of nature, by seeking universality from individual phenomena. Based on meritocracy, the Department of Physics carries on the resolution of those before us, who aspired for the advancement of science, which continues to develop and change.

  • As a fundamental academic field for natural science, educate students on physics which serves as the basis for all science and technology.
  • The pillars of learning are mathematics, which serves as an expressive medium for logical thinking; physics experiments, in which students can master methods for substantiation; core subjects, which serve as the basics for modern physics; and graduation research, which comprehensively puts the study of physics into effect.
  • Rather than simple accumulation of knowledge, foster the ability to organically deploy this knowledge as well as the capacity to discover and solve problems.
  • Cultivate human resources who have acquired the mentality of physics, and who can contribute to various fields.

Curriculum Chart

Area of Learning

Subjects Common to All Areas

  • Linear Algebra
  • Calculus
  • Calculus Exercise
  • Chemistry1 - 2
  • Analysis
  • Physics
  • Mechanics 1 / 2
  • Mathematics for Physics 1A - 2B
  • Physics Lab 1 - 3
  • Analytical Mechanics
  • Electromagnetism 1 - 3
  • Relativity
  • Thermodynamics
  • Quantum Mechanics 1A - 3A
  • Statistical Mechanics 1 / 2
  • Introductory of Physics
  • Introduction to Information Science 1 / 2
  • Chemistry Lab
  • Molecular Biology Lab
  • Numerical Computation
  • Computational Physics
  • Optics 1 / 2
  • Selected Topics of Physics 1 - 5
  • General Relativity
  • <General Subjects>
    • Human Science
    • English
Earth / Space
  • Geophysics
  • Atmospheric Physics
  • Fluid Mechanics
  • Astrophysics
  • Environmental Physics

Graduation Research

  • Matsushita Research Group
  • Miura Research Group
  • Tsujikawa Research Group*
Nucleus / Elementary Particles
  • Nuclear Physics
  • Theory of Elemental Particles

Graduation Research

  • Suzuki (K) Research Group
Physics Education / Living Organisms
  • Biophysics 1 / 2
  • Lecture and Lab

Graduation Research

  • Kawamura Research Group
  • Umemura Research Group*
Condensed Matter(Theory)
  • Atomic Molecular Physics 1 / 2
  • Mechanics of Elastic Bodies
  • Theory of Condensed Matters 1A - 3C
  • Electronic Circuits 1 - 2

Graduation Research

  • Nikuni Research Group
  • Watanabe Research Group
  • Sakai Research Group*
Condensed Matter(Experiment)
  • Atomic Molecular Physics 1 / 2
  • Mechanics of Elastic Bodies
  • Theory of Condensed Matters 1A - 3C
  • Electronic Circuits 1 - 2

Graduation Research

  • Sakata Research Group
  • Tokunaga Research Group
  • Tsai Research Group
  • Sanaka Research Group
  • Homma Research Group
  • Mitsuda Research Group
  • Zhao Research Group*
  • Nagashima Research Group*

* Division II research groups

Information on Career Paths

  • Graduate School


  • Information industry

    5.8 %

  • Transport, Communication

    2.9 %

  • Service

    1.9 %

  • Education

    1.9 %

  • Machinery and appliances

    1.9 %

  • Electricity supply, gas supply

    1.0 %

  • Civil servant


  • Retail


  • Other industries


  • Other (persons planning on continuing education, studying abroad, etc.)


List of Faculty Members

Title Name Research Area Keyword
Professor HOMMA Yoshikazu Nano structural science Nanocarbon materials, Nanospace science, Nanospectroscopy
Professor KAWAMURA Yasufumi Media informatics/data base
Science education
Educational technology
Subject pedagogy
Energy studies
Multimedia information,WWW
fun experiments of science
science education
Dye-sensitized solar cell,Savonius type windmill wind power generation
Professor MATSUSHITA Kyoko Astronomy X-ray astronomy, galaxies, clusters of galaxies
Professor Mitsuda Setsuo Physical properties II Magnetism, Spin Frustration , Neutron scattering
Professor MIURA Kazuhiko Weather/oceanic physics/hydrology Effects of atmospheric aerosols on climate change
Professor NIKUNI Tetsuro Atomic/molecular/quantum electronics, plasma Theory on ultracold atomic gases
Professor SAKATA Hideaki Physical properties II superconductivity, tunneling spectroscopy, low temperature, surface
Professor TOKUNAGA Eiji Physical properties I
Professor TSAI JAW SHEN Physical properties II Josephson Effect, superconducting qubit
Professor WATANABE Kazuyuki Physical properties I
Mathematical physics/fundamental theory of physical properties
Computational Nano-Scale Physics
Development of Computational Method for Electronic States
Associate Professor SANAKA Kaoru
Associate Professor SUZUKI Katsuhiko Elementary particle/atomic nucleus/cosmic ray/space physics Hadron Physics, QCD
Assistant Professor DEMURA Satoshi Physical properties II superconductivity, scanning tunneling microscopy
Assistant Professor FUJIHARA Masayoshi Physical properties II magnetism
Assistant Professor MORI Tatsuhiro Weather/oceanic physics/hydrology Black carbon, Mt. Fuji, climate change
Assistant Professor SETO Keisuke
Assistant Professor SHIMIZU Maki
Assistant Professor SUZUKI Yasumitsu Physical properties I
Mathematical physics/fundamental theory of physical properties

Assistant Professor WATABE Shohei Atomic/molecular/quantum electronics, plasma