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List of Researchers

Research Area:Micro/nanodevice

Title Name Research Area Keyword Affiliation
Professor TANIGUCHI Jun Micro/nanodevice Nanoimprint technology, 3D nano-fabrication technology, Electron beam lithography Tokyo University of Science, Faculty of Industrial Science and Technology, Department of Applied Electronics
Junior Associate Professor Shitanda Isao Micro/nanodevice
Physical chemistry
Analytical chemistry
Environmental chemistry
Chemistry related to living body
Material processing/treatment
Electrochemical nanomotor/micromotor
electrochemical impedance
whole-cell based biosensor
microencapsulation of enzyme
microcapsule composite coating
Wearable biofuel cell
Tokyo University of Science, Faculty of Science and Technology, Department of Pure and Applied Chemistry
Junior Associate Professor SUMINO Yutaka Micro/nanodevice
Mathematical physics/fundamental theory of physical properties
Living organism physics/chemical physics
Functional material chemistry
General applied physics
collective micro robotics
Pattern formation, disspative structure
nonequilibrium softmatter
colloid, surfactant, wetting
micro machine
Tokyo University of Science, Faculty of Science Division I, Department of Applied Physics
Assistant Professor FUJIMORI Susumu Micro/nanodevice
Fundamental engineering
microfabrication technology
computer simulation
Tokyo University of Science, Faculty of Engineering Division II, Department of Management Science

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