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Mahmud Fituri


Faculty of Science and Technology
Department of Architecture and Building Engineering

Laying the Foundation for a Successful Future

When Mahmud Fituri entered Tokyo University of Science in 2015 it was a homecoming of sorts.

The 20-year-old Libyan native was no stranger to Japan. He had lived in Japan from the age of 7 to 12, when his mother—who now teaches at Tripoli University—was a dental research student studying in Japan on a scholarship. Before that, his father had spent more than a decade working and studying in the country.

With the encouragement of his family, Fituri returned to central Tokyo in 2014 to prepare for Japanese university entrance exams. After two years of study including Japanese, math and physics, he applied to multiple universities.

He was elated to hear that his hard work had paid off when he learned that he had been accepted to TUS.

“It was an easy decision. The architecture department is one of the best in Japan. I applied to four universities, but TUS was my first choice. I feel very lucky that I got in,” he says.

Not only was it an easy choice, it has clearly turned out to be the right one.
Fituri is visibly at home on the Noda campus. He is also confident that the education will put him on the path to his dream of becoming an architect.

“I want to build things like hotels, malls, opera houses, or village communities with landscapes—big things that people can use,” he explains.

He plans to use TUS to lay a solid foundation upon which he can build this future dream. He is undaunted by the heavy workload, and is fully intent on soaking up as much knowledge as possible to serve him down the line.

He expects to pursue graduate studies and gain experience working as an architect in Japan before seeking additional international experience, perhaps in Germany or the U.S.

Fituri has transitioned seamlessly into his life at TUS.

“It is a good learning environment and I have made many friends here,” he says.

The student advisor that TUS appointed to him has been instrumental in helping him navigate any first-year problems without a hitch, he says, adding that joining the basketball club has made it easy to meet people.

“I don’t think it is hard to make friends here. If you are social and you talk to people, it’s easy. From the very first week I was able to make many new friends,” he explains.

Fituri says the heavy workload keeps him focused and for now he is fully focused on enjoying the first step down the long road to becoming an international architect.